WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

Nov. 3, 2000


  • B. Ghezzi (co-chair)
  • M. Mounts (co-chair)
  • J. Fries
  • P. Merchant
  • R. Sonnenburg
  • N. Pellerin
  • J. Merrill
  • B. Lee
  • J. Nelson
  • B. Fontaine
  • A. McHugo (recorder)

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Mark and Bill announced that WebPac Implementation Team members are invited to attend LOSC on Wed. Nov. 8, 10:30am. Co-chairs and sub-group chairs will report briefly.

Jennifer M. announced that Holly Parker has been assigned as our III contact. Holly will review all open calls.

WebPac Implementation Team meetings can now be scheduled for every Thursday from 11-12 since CSGwill not be conflicting with the 11-12 timeslot during the first and thirdweeks of each month. Our next meeting will be this week 11/9, 11-12, Baker 158.

Subgroup reports

LimitSub- Group

no report

Design Sub- Group

Bill G. showed some of the design options proposed by the sub-group. The sub-group plans to consult with other library staff who have graphic design expertise. The sub-group has proposed that the Web OPAC should have a name.

Main Menu Sub-Group

Mark announced that the final report is written and will be discussed with the full group soon

Post-Search Sub-Group

Jennifer M. announced that the sub-group is ready to report.

URL Sub-group

Jennifer M. announced that the group is currently meeting.

Patron-Initiated Services Sub-Group

Becca announced that the sub-group is currently meeting.

HELP Sub-group

Bill F. announced that the first meeting of the sub-group will be held Nov. 9, 2000

Innopac Update D

Jennifer M. announced that Innopac Update D has been installed. With this update, the Advanced Keyword Search feature has changed, so that a keyword search which retrieves no result with the implied Adjacency operator is now automatically re-run with an implied AND operator. In turn, if that search retrieves no result, the search is automatically re-run again, this time with an implied OR operator. Unfortunately, we do not have the option to turn off the "OR" search strategy.

Display of holdings in the Web OPAC

Jennifer M. and Ann addressed the topic of Display of holdings in the Web OPAC. Jennifer described our current practice of storing holdings in item records, whereas the current standard supports holdings in the check-in record. In order to have the OPAC function correctly, all holdings data will have to be moved into check-in records. This is a massive project (some portion of which can be automtated, we hope) that will involve data transfer from more than 70,000 summary item records. Because we do not want to hold up the implementation of the WebPac until such a project can be completed, we need to define a short term solution which will meet user needs. Two issues must be addressed: display of summary holdings and linking from DCIS databases, such as PsychInfo, MLA, and the Wilson indexes. The Implementation team felt that the current holdings display in the WebPac was acceptable in the short term. Jennifer demonstrated a possible solution to the DCIS link. She could modify the DCIS display formats in PsycInfo, MLA, etc to present a link in each record.

When the user activated the link it would launch a Web OPAC search and display the record with its holdings. The team felt that users would not want to give up the current BRS model of merging the holdings from the Catalog record into the displays from the index databases. Jennifer will consult with Info Systems about the programming requirements to replicate the BRS display.

Next meeting: Thursday, Nov. 9, 11:00am . Place :Baker 158