WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

(DRAFT) 10/26/00, 158 Baker


  • Mark Mounts
  • Bill Ghezzi
  • Ann McHugo
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Jen Nelson
  • Norma Pellerin
  • Paul Merchant
  • Bill Fontaine
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Rebecca Lee (recorder)

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of 10/12/00 approved as amended.


Jennifer Merrill

A link to the Alta Vista search engine has been added to the Web OPAC search

web page.   Is this additional functionality we would like to offer the user?  Concern was expressed about Alta Vista’s use of relevancy ranking as well as the difference in search methods that would be apparent between the Alta Vista search engine and the Advanced Key Word search.  There is also a known bug in Alta Vista which results in suppressed records displaying in the public view.

Dartmouth is now running on Update C of  Release 2000 (Innopac).  In November we will move to Update D which fixes many bugs that are listed on the Known Issues pages of CSDirect.

Millennium modules:
MilSerials is already installed though before actual implementation serious planning is required.  MilACQ will be installed on November 3rd  for experimentation.   MilCirc has been installed and is in testing phase.  20 Windows machines have arrived which will be deployed to the various libraries when we are ready for MilCirc implementation.

Bill Ghezzi

LOSC meets November 8th; all members of WPIT are encouraged to attend.  The chairs of individual subgroups will give a brief summary of each group’s status.

Subgroup updates

URL Group

Has met and is currently experimenting.

Post Search Functionality

Draft of their report is ready for editing by the subgroup members.

Main Menu

Draft report has been written.

Limit Group

Currently on hold, waiting for response from Innovative concerning a material type question.

Design Group

6-7 mock-ups of web pages are available for viewing - /~library/infosys/opacmenu/. Group will be meeting with Susan Lee, Barb Krieger and Susan Semmes to elicit feedback from staff with graphic design experience.

Patron Initiated Services (PIS)

Now working with the Request function and setting up the required tables to enable full functionality.  Will soon be developing the content for the requisite help pages.  A question has been raised concerning displays in Course Reserves.  Since this is not part of the charge given to the PIS members, this was referred to the WPIT committee members.  The following staff will be contacted to provide feedback:

  • Debra Agnoli
  • Helmut Baer
  • Beth Bryden
  • Gloria Dufield
  • Judith Lerner
  • Lisa Maxfield
  • Deb Sicard
  • Joy Weale

Help Group

Charge was accepted, lauded and will be mounted on the WPIT page.  Proposed membership:  Bill Fontaine (chair), Reinhart Sonnenburg, Carol Magneau, Stina McCarthy, Mary LaMarca and either Karen Odato or Karen Sluzenski.

Record Display Subgroup

Discussed need for a new subgroup to address display issues relating to interpretation of MARC values and field suppression.  It was decided that Bill Ghezzi, Mark Mounts and Jennifer Merrill will investigate the scope of the problem and using documentation from CSG determine whether the WPIT members can resolve these issues or a new subgroup needs to be formed.

Jennifer Merrill suggested we review the WPIT charge in order to gauge the group’s progress and determine if there is a need for additional subgroups to address issues of training, maintenance and implementation.

Next meeting:  11/3/00 at 11am.