WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2000


  • Bill Ghezzi (co-chair)
  • Mark Mounts (co-chair)
  • Jim Fries
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Jennifer Nelson
  • Paul Merchant
  • John James (guest)
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg  (recorder)

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of 9/21 meeting were approved with a correction submitted by Jennifer M.

Fact-finding visit to the University of Washington

John James and Jim Fries reported on their fact-finding visit to the University of Washington. John passed on a document on indexing that should be helpful in our decision-making. U of W did not have documentation of the implementation process, but lots of  documents. Several of their people would be willing to answer our questions.

Scoping:  they purchased lots of scopes (in part  because of  their situation as    one of a number of libraries in a consortium).  They implemented a journal  scope because of  public demand  even though their  committee did not think it necessary. They are probably getting a scope for electronic resources.

Soft implementation:  there was a 3 month overlap (they had originally planned for 6 months) between the new and the old system.  PR material was sent to the academic department to put a positive spin on things. There were some  initial complaints but they faded quickly. U of W has not yet conducted  any satisfaction surveys.

Basic Keyword Search  was not implemented (they have the advanced one).

Continued maintenance: A WebPac  oversight group was created that takes care of updates etc.

Recommended WebPacs:  The Oberlin College scopes are worth looking at. St Olaf’s College and University of Oregon are also good sites.

Serial records: There are some tricks one can use to  display multiple locations in non-alphabetic order. It is possible to assign “hidden “ names that allow this kind of  sorting.


Jennifer M. announced that Inno Release 2000 Update C will be implemented on Monday October 8.

Subgroup reports

The patron group is working on Renewal, Modify Record, and Holds.  Patron-initiated Request is on hold. The Circ Roundtable has been contacted for feedback. Next wek the group will work on test patrons.

The Main Menu Group has been working on front page design with focus on content. Mark gave a brief demo of a mock-up page which was well received. A major question will be which and how many front page elements should be carried over to subsequent pages. (A brief but animated  discussion of “Help” vs. “Ask a  Librarian” ensued; this matter was then delegated to the Help Group.)

Design Group: this group will take the mock-up page and pretty it up.

Limit Group: has not met this week, but John deSantis  has sent questions about material types etc. to Inno.