WebPac Impementation Team : Meeting Minutes



BG.  Innovative has CSDirect / Help Desk with complete list of open calls.  Jen Merrill has passwords to access.

Some related to webpac include:

  • (John DeSantis) Limit options (mat type)
  • (BG) ISSN problem from July.  When you search series title the series title is hotlinked which points to ISSN index instead of series title index.
  • (JM) results from show similar items problem
  • (JM) advanced keyword searching
  • (JM)diacritics
  • (JM)extended settings in wwwoptions file
  • (JM)URL checker, coming out next week
  • (JM)staff only index for login for different search lists
  • (BG) Author/Title index, music cross ref. failing, related to uniform title problem

Subgroup Reports

Limit group not met since last time, but will discuss today

Design group to meet on the 21st. This is the graphical  design, not the main menu (content)

Main Menu will meet the 20th

All groups having difficulty with the Berry moves.

Jim Fries & John James will be travelling to Vancouver to meet and talk with people about webpac. John will talk with the University of Washington people who went from a BRS catalog to webpac. He will focus on how they dealt with the switch and public service issues, the interface design process and ask for documentation on the process of implementation.  In addition, the group was interested in their scope for journals. How did it turn out?  Was it worth the effort or did it create patron confusion?  Did/do they use focus group and/or feedback from patrons?

The University of Washington has scopes for most locations and one for journals. It was noted that our BRS was more sophisticated than theirs, so that may influence why we would take a different approach.

Maintenance- what do they do to keep on top of it now that it's mounted, fine tuning, routine?

Limit questions answered

-Mat type question from weeks ago. JM talked with John McCollough (product design manager at III). JM's notes from phone conversation examples.  008 field, single value code. we could limit by a large number of codes.(bib level character codes) Limit group will use this in next meeting to come up with a list of character bytes that we want to use. Cecilia, John and any other interested persons.  Ann McHugo wants to limit to pseudo bib (mat type), critical to Acq. Perhaps in staff view, this could be available and not in public, or just not publicized.

We should index everything we think we are going to need.

Pre- and post search (RS) "limit" vs. "modify". Different behaviors depending on what search you've done.  Earlier versions of inno, we wanted a publisher serach but never had a free index (limited number of indices available, so it was folded into keyword)  Desired publisher index and publisher limit

*continuing discussion on subgroup for patron initiated services.

*what should be suppressed - identity, some technical fields (processing) This is being discussed in CSG

Patron Initiated Services Subgroup -current services through DCIS should be continued.  Group should explore new funtionality that is offered in Web Opac including holds, recalls, edit patron record, self-renew.

Proposed membership: Becca (chair), Jen M., Jen N., and Reed.  They will consult with CRT.

Next meeting will be 9/21 and will focus on suppression issues and electronic resources group.