WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2000, Room 158



1. May 24 minutes approved with slight changes and brief discussion:  no minutes from our first meeting where we discussed the charge; Innovative Interfaces Inc. should be called "Innovative" in discussions and minutes, not "Inno"; we should ask Mark, Jennifer or Bill for system access via username and password.


  1. Jennifer said that OPAC options training for our group will be on June 28 in Baker 158 (all day).

  2. Final report of the advanced keyword index group has been posted at /~library/infosys/aki/aki.html

  3. Jennifer asked members of the group to use the advanced keyword search and send her feedback/comments.

  4. Mark distributed "C.S. Direct" information from III.

  5. Bill updated the group regarding the LTI project.  As of this meeting, 1.4 million bib records are being processed during the next month.  Two principal processing steps are updating our bib records and providing a set of authority records (approx. 700,000).  By approximately July 14 the work will be done.  It'll take 30-40 days to load bib records into the catalog database.  Bibliographic data will be loaded on weekdays, authority records on weekends.  By the end of August, all authority records and bibliographic records should be converted.  During this period, new cataloging records are being loaded into a separate file and are being collected by cat. date.  While the new catalog file is being loaded, procedures are also being worked out to manage record processing in that time period as well.  Bill noted that other Library groups (notably authority control and advanced keyword searching) are working simultaneously with our group, and their work is important to the final outcome of our group.

Brief overview of web options

Mark had a copy of the Web Opac Options document (http://csdirect.iii.com/faq/woptions.html ­ userid and password required) and briefly discussed what additional web opac options might be needed.  Mark distributed "WebOPAC features to consider," examples of features to be implemented in the web opac as well as a list of the current settings for the web opac.  Not every one of the twenty features are currently turned on.  For example, search history (#9) is not enabled.  Jennifer noted that she is building a document to track changes we choose to make in the options file, by date, to compile a history of what happened and when.

Discussion of possible subgroups with a focus on a Limit Function Subgroup and a Main Menu Design Subgroup

We discussed membership and task definition for the Limit Group.  Tentatively, their work should be completed by mid-September.  The question was asked, 'Are we intending to provide a telnet interface?' The Chairs' opinion is 'no' (subsequently checked with John James, who agrees).  The Limit Group charge, which as of this writing has been reviewed with our group, is at https://www.dartmouth.edu/~bibcon/WebPacIT/limcharge.htm.

Other business

Next meeting:  22 June, 11am, Baker 158.