Task Force on Authority Control Implementation : Gap 2

Procedures For Editing Existing MARC Bibliographic Records
During Authority Control Processing
Phase II Beginning August 1, 2000

Note: Newly cataloged records during LTI processing and reload (fastcat, copy cataloging and original cataloging) will be collected for authority processing at a later date. This work should continue as usual.

File Reload (Phase II)

Discontinue inputting “lti” in 090 |f

If there is no 948

The Task Force recommends delaying editing records online when no 948 is present.

  1. Print out bibliographic records with no 948 and edit on paper.
  2. Save printouts and edit records online after LTI reload (948 LTI 07/18/2000 is present).

On an exceptional basis or by special request (if an immediate change to bibliographic data is required)

  1. Edit bibliographic record in Innopac
  2. Printout every bibliographic record edited
  3. Because the edited record may be overlayed at any time, monitor the record to determine when it has been overlayed.
  4. After the 948 appears (the record has been reloaded) re-edit the record in Innopac based on the printout
  1. If the CAT DATE is 05-01-00 or later, edit the record as usual. Do not mark for upload to LTI by adding a 948 field.
  2. MAT TYPE: S will be loaded first and will be ready for editing sooner than other MAT TYPEs. Notification will be sent when the serial load is complete. Refrain from editing serials until e-mail notification is given. This should be a few days after reload begins.
  3. If the 050, 090, 505, 856, 955, 965 or 966 is the only MARC field changed then there is no need to follow these procedures
  4. Additionally, if changes are made only to item records, order records, checkin records or Innopac fixed fields then there is no need to follow these procedures.

If there is a 948 LTI 07/18/2000

Consult the list of field tags considered "controlled". If you edit, delete, or add one of these fields, change the 948 to read "lti send". Mark for RLIN upload as usual. This will become standard procedure after authority control processing.

Withdrawals & Discards

Withdrawals and discards can continue as usual. However, do not use a 590 note. Use a 966 note to mark records for discard or withdrawal.


Deleting records can continue as usual during file processing and reload. Deleted records will cause LTI overlay to fail. When overlay fails the LTI record will be discarded.

Note: Remember that this procedure applies to editing EXISTING MARC BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORDS only. MARC BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORDS that are EXCLUDED from this process include:

discards (BIB STATUS = d)

in process (includes BIB STATUS = a,q,v)

on order

pseudo-bibs (MAT TYPE = p)

suppressed (BIB STATUS = n)

tempcats (MAT TYPE = t)

unedited cataloging (BIB STATUS = j)

withdrawals (BIB STATUS = w)

Do not input a 948 in any of these records.