Task Force on Authority Control Implementation : Gap 1

Procedures For Editing Existing MARC Bibliographic Records During Authority Control Processing
Phase I (beginning May 1, 2000)

Note: Newly cataloged records during file processing and reload (fastcat, copy cataloging and original cataloging) will be collected for authority processing at a later date. This work should continue as usual.

File Processing

The file processing period will last 7-8 weeks. Continue to use these procedures until the end of this period has been announced.

When editing MARC bibliographic records during LTI file processing:

  • Input a MARC 090 |flti (pac tag "y") into every bibliographic record where any MARC field has been changed regardless of the Cat Date. Be sure to enter "lti" in lower case letters. The 090 will be used to collect a file of records before reload. These records will be resent to LTI. Failure to input the |flti will result in the loss of any edits when our data is reloaded.
  • If a MARC 090 |f is already present, append the field with ; lti (example: 090 |fcorr. 000420 bg; lti).
  • Do not add an additional "lti" if one is already present on the record. Do not append more than one "lti".


  • If editing 050, 090, 505, 856, 955, 965 or 966 then there is no need add the 090 |flti. These fields will be protected from overlay during reload. All other fields will be overlayed when the file returns from LTI.
  • Editing attached records only (Order Records, Item Records, Checkin Records) will not require an 090 |f as LTI processing has no effect on attachments. Only changes to bibliographic records will need to be marked for LTI processing.
  • Innopac fixed field tags (BIB STATUS, CAT DA, etc.) will be protected from overlay. Altering an Innopac fixed field alone will not require marking for upload to LTI.

Withdrawals & Discards

Withdrawals and discards can continue as usual. However, do not use a 590 note. Use a 966 note to mark records for discard or withdawal.


Deleting records can continue as usual during file processing and reload. Deleted records will cause LTI overlay to fail. When overlay fails the LTI record will be discarded.