Research Assistance: Finding and Managing Information

Librarians can help you find and manage information from a wide variety of sources, both print and digital (online).

Services we offer:

  • Education
    Instruction in the use of MEDLINE, Evidence-Based Medicine tools, EndNote, PowerPoint, and a wide range of other digital resources is available. Librarians provide one-on-one instruction, scheduled workshops, and departmental seminars.
  • Schedule a Research Consultation
    Are you working on a paper, grant proposal, or research project? Writing a systematic review or other article for publication? Meet with a biomedical librarian to discuss information resources and strategies that would be helpful. We'll contact you for possible meeting times. 
  • Curriculum/Course Support
    Librarians can work with faculty to integrate research strategies and library information and resources into courses.
  • Literature Searching
    Librarians can do the search for you. Contact a librarian to request a search. If you wish to do your own searching, librarians can help select appropriate resources and will assist you with your search strategy.
  • Supporting Systematic Reviews
    Are you thinking about writing a systematic review? A librarian can help you:
    • Define (refine) answerable and searchable questions
    • Assist in writing the systematic review protocol
    • Construct complex search strategies
    • Select databases – core and specialized
    • Identify and search appropriate grey literature resources
    • Identify and select the appropriate study design filter
    • Execute searches
    • Manage results (using EndNote,
    • Write reports
    • Click here for more information
  • Keeping Up with the Literature (Alerts)
    Librarians can help you set up an ongoing search or alert on a particular subject to be automatically e-mailed to you; some services offer RSS feeds.

Fees for Mediated Searches:

For faculty, staff, and students of Dartmouth College and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center:

  • No charge for searches in locally accessible or free databases.
  • Online expenses only in other databases.
  • Dartmouth/DHMC users must provide an appropriate account number to be charged for searches in fee-based databases.

For Dartmouth College Library guest users:

  • $15.00 service fee plus online expenses.

Fee for unaffiliated library users:

  • $50.00 service fee plus online expenses.  Fee payable in advance.

Post-search processing (reformatting, sorting, editing, etc.) and major project support:

  • $50.00 per hour.

Services offered to:

Full research services, including database searches, are provided to all Dartmouth College and Geisel School of Medicine faculty, students, and staff; Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital staff; Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic/Lebanon staff; and staff at other hospitals with contracted library services with the Biomedical Libraries (Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and New London Hospital).

Availability of research services to other users of the Biomedical Libraries depends on staffing levels and demands for services from the clientele specified above. Members of the general public should also consult with their local public library.

Contact Information & Hours

  • Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences
    Library Reference Desk

    Phone: 603-650-7660
    Monday–Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Dana Biomedical Library
    Reference Desk

    Ask for assistance at the Dana Circulation Desk.

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