Using PubMed and Loansome Doc to Request Articles

PubMed document delivery via Loansome Doc

Click here for an explanation of the Biomedical Libraries Document Delivery service policies including eligibility, charges, and limitations.

Search PubMed

From your search results, mark the checkbox next to the article(s) that you want. Click on "Send to" under the search box, and then select "Order" and then on "Order articles".

Log on with your Loansome Doc Login – your email address as entered in your registration - and Password.

If you haven’t yet registered with Loansome Doc, click here for instructions.

Review all information. Make changes as needed, including un-checking articles no longer desired. Click on Proceed to Delivery Options.

Edit these fields as needed. Once you understand your copyright obligations check that box and click on Continue.

Confirm and Send Order.

Save a copy of this receipt page until you see the order in your DartDoc account. You can track your requests and receive electronically delivered articles by logging on to DartDoc Biomed.