Check out an iPad


Come to Dana Library or Matthews-Fuller Library with your ID.

If you are a Dartmouth Undergraduate student, you can have it for 4 hours.

Graduate students, Faculty and Staff: 7 days.

Faculty may request 1 or more for class use or for extended periods.

How it is configured

The installed apps will be the usual ones (Mail, Safari,Maps) plus some medical ones (Epocrates, Medscape).

If you install an app, no problem. But it will be wiped away into oblivion when you return the iPad.

Return it unscathed and on time

Please return it to the same library, nice & clean & undamaged!

Don't put it into a book drop...!

Be sure to return the case and power supply.

There are horrible penalties for damage or non-return or lateness.

Go here to learn all the details.