Dana Biomedical Library Has Moved!

As of April 15, 2013, the Dana Biomedical Library is open at our new location on the 3rd floor of 37 Dewey Field Road. You will find a warm, bright, and welcoming place for studying, class meetings, research, and working with information professionals.

Hours: Dana Biomedical Library at 37 Dewey Field Road

Dana Biomedical Library offers 24/7 access for medical and graduate students, and for faculty upon request (use this request form.)

Reserves and other materials have moved to the new Dana Biomedical Library (3rd floor of 37 Dewey Field Road.) Small theme-based book collections are also featured at Dana Library on a weekly basis.

All of Dana's print journal volumes and most of its book collection are housed at the Dartmouth Library Depository at 56 Etna Road. Quick retrieval is assured. The Dartmouth College Library couriers make trips twice daily to all the libraries, delivering materials housed offsite to any of the Dartmouth College Libraries upon request. We have freshened up Dana's book collection in preparation for the move, clearing out dated, superseded, duplicative, and unused material. 

Campus map showing the current and previous location of Dana Biomedical Library:

Dana Library Location on Dartmouth Campus Map


Click on the floor plan below for a larger image (PDF):

Dana Biomedical Library Floorplan