Department Contact List




Karla Bushway Acquisitions Assistant 603-646-1811
Susan Caruso Acquisitions Assistant 603-646-0609
Goodie Corriveau Acquisitions Assistant 603-646-0684
Marianne Densmore Electronic Resources Specialist 603-646-1324
Tracey Dugdale Electronic Resources Specialist 603-646-0708
Suzette Fegan Acquisitions Assistant 603-646-3085
James R. Fein Head of Acquisitions Services and Collection Assessment 603-646-3342
Bobbie Gilbert Acquisitions Assistant 603-646-0691
Lori Heath Acquisitions Assistant 603-646-3273
Julie McIntyre Supervisor 603-646-3972
Barbara Sterling Collection Analysis and Financial Specialist 603-646-3317
Eric R. Ticehurst Acquisitions Assistant 603-646-1354
Donna Vinopal Continuing Resources Specialist 603-646-2961
Kathy Walker Supervisor 603-646-2265
Karen Welch Electronic Resources Specialist 603-646-0685
Tim Wolfe Supervisor 603-646-1805