Principles and Standards

Dartmouth's Code of Ethical Business Conduct

American Library Association's Principles and Standards

First presented on June 27, 1994 at the ALA Conference in Miami Beach, the following statement was developed by the Publisher/Vendor-Library Relations Committee of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (a division of the American Library Association).

In all acquisitions transactions, a librarian...

  1. gives first consideration to the objectives and policies of his or her institution;
  2. strives to obtain the maximum ultimate value of each dollar of expenditure;
  3. grants all competing vendors equal consideration insofar as the established policies of his or her library permit, and regards each transaction on its own merits;
  4. subscribes to and works for honesty, truth and fairness in buying and selling, and denounces all forms and manifestations of bribery;
  5. declines personal gifts and gratuities;
  6. uses only by consent original ideas and designs devised by one vendor for competitive purchasing purposes;
  7. accords a prompt and courteous reception insofar as conditions permit to all who call on legitimate business missions;
  8. fosters and promotes fair, ethical, and legal trade practices;
  9. avoids sharp practice;
  10. strives consistently for knowledge of the publishing and bookselling industries;
  11. strives to establish practical and efficient methods for the conduct of his or her office;
  12. counsels and assists fellow librarians in the performance of their duties, whenever occasion permits.