Streaming Media Selection Guidelines 2012

Streaming Media: Guidelines for Selection

Including: Considerations for Selectors, Acquisitions workflows, Technical Considerations, and License record



Considerations for Selectors

  1. Is the video (or other media) available in a package or collection that offers streaming services as part of the license already, such as Academic Video Online?
  2. What are the reason to purchase streaming video rights? Possible reasons are:
    1. Streaming is the only available format for this title, as there is no option to purchase a physical copy.
    2. Streaming is significantly less expensive than purchasing a physical copy.
    3. The streaming version of the item includes other features of interest to users, such as the ability to make clips or mark sections of the item for sharing and further review, a full transcript, subtitles or captions in another language, accessibility features for disabled viewers, or other.
    4. The video is wanted for use beyond course reserve. If the streaming video is to be shared more broadly than for course reserve, we may need to purchase streaming video rights and have further conversations with the provider/distributor/vendor to determine costs and restrictions. For course reserve and any other kind of streaming limited to those enrolled in a course, the copyright guidelines are in effect. See the Video/DVD recordings section of: .


Acquisitions workflow:

The Acquisitions Liaison receives request to license or purchase streaming rights or to purchase a DVD (or other current format). The Liaison will check Millennium for owned copy, and if we already own it, notify selector, confirm they want a second copy or a different format. If streaming video rights are wanted by the selector or offered by the supplier, send the request to the Digital Team.


Notify Sarah Scully in Jones of any purchase or license of streaming rights.

Consult with Eliz Kirk if terms of the license are of concern.


The Digital Team person will ask the selector these questions:

  1. Do you need streaming rights?
  2. If you wish to stream only for in-class use for a specific course, streaming rights do not need to be purchased because this is covered under the copyright guidelines, as described in the Video/DVD recordings section of:


The Digital Team member will ask the vendor the following questions as needed; for example, if the terms are not clear regarding what we are paying and what that payment will cover, or if the technical requirements are not clear. Consult with Sarah Scully on technical requirements.

  1. Is this a subscription or an outright purchase?
  2. What is the time period for which the streaming rights or streaming access are being granted? Is there an expiration date?
  3. What is the difference in cost between an "institutional license" for library and classroom viewing and the "streaming rights" (which may or may not also include "public performance rights")?
  4. Any other limits expressed in the licensing agreement?
  5. When "Streaming Rights" are mentioned as a purchase option for media, what exactly is the vendor offering?
    1. The right for the Library to make a digital copy of the physical media and self-host across our campus (Dartmouth users only).
    2. The right for the Library to make a digital copy of the physical media and self-host across the entire Internet.
    3. Authenticated access to a digital copy hosted by the vendor.
    4. Some other method of access to an online asset.


  1. If the vendor is supplying access to a media file they host, what are the technical requirements that users will have to meet in order to view the item? Is the access compatible with mobile/wireless devices and with DCL access services systems? Is there a limit on the number of simultaneous users? What type of access/usage statistics will the vendor supply?
  2. If the vendor is sending a digital file that will be hosted on a DCL media server, what format are they sending and is it compatible with current DCL streaming media technology? Will the vendor supply a record for the item or will DCL staff have to perform original cataloging for search/discovery purposes?


License Information

When a decision is made to purchase streaming video rights to a physical DVD, the major license terms are mapped into the ERM license record. The license record will have a tickler file to let report when the streaming rights expire, which is in effect the expiration of the license. This tickler file does not need to have a review file associated with it.   License ticklers go to the EJ Help request box.