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Electro-acoustic/computer Compositions

Untitled (2009) – for clarinet and sound spotter. Duration: ca~ 10’ 

  • Commissioned by Arthur Campbell for "Arthur Campbell’s new solo clarinet and electronic program"
  • Performers: Arthur Campbell and Kui Dong
  • October 16, 2009 Grand Rapid Contemporary Art Center, Michigan (world première)

 Crossing (1999–2000) – for computer generated tape music (2or more channels). Duration: ca. 26’04”

Youlan (1997) – for computer generated tape music and slides (2 or more channels). Duration: ca.11’00”

  • Commissioned by the Meridian Gallery, first installation at the Meridian Gallery from April 1–31, 1997 San Francisco

Eclipse (1995)for slides and computer-generated tape music. Duration: ca. 7’00

  • Commissioned by and first installed at the Visual Cymbal Gallery, San Jose, CA July, 1995

Flying Apples (1994) – for tape music of 2 or more channels. Duration: ca. 10’14”

  • Premiered at “Digital Under The Stars” Concert, July 22, 1994, Amphitheater, Stanford University, CA
  • Honorary Mention at 1996 Prix Ars Electronica International competitions for Computer Music and Art, Linz, Austria 
  • Released on Music from SEAMUS, Vol. 8
  • Excerpt from Flying Apples MP3
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