Chamber Compositions

Scattered Ladder (2009) – for two marimbas and four percussionists. Duration: ca~ 19’

  • Commissioned by Slawerkgroep Den Haag for “Peking Express” new works tour
  • Performer: Slagwerkgroep Den Haag
  • January 15, 2010 Frappé new works premiere program, Korzo Theatre, Den Haag, Holland world première)
  • Excerpt from Scattered Ladder, Movement III MP3
    • Live performance recording from the premiere by SDH, used with permission.

Differences within Oneness (2008–2009) – for string quartet. Duration: ca~ 17’

  • Commissioned by Arditti Quartet and funded by Fromm Foundation Commissioning award, MA (Harvard University)
  • Performer: Arditti Quartet
  • July 2, 2011, Festival of Arditti sponsored by Edenkoben Composer/Scholar Residency with collaboration of SWR radio, Germany (world première)

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (2006) - for string quartet and zheng (Chinese horizontal harp), horse head fiddler, dulcimer, sheng, suona and percussion. Duration ca ~ 24'

Movements (2004) – for Woodwind quintet, Sheng and percussion (parts of miniatures suit). Duration: ca ~10’

  • Commissioned by Citywinds and Melody of China
  • Performed by Citywinds and Melody of China
  • “East Meets West,” February 18, 2005, First Old Church, San Francisco (world première)

Fantasia: A Dialogue With Wind (2003–4) – for piccolo/flute, oboe, bass clarinet/clarinet, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, harp and percussion. Duration: ca 18’

  • Commissioned by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, for the Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation
  • Performer: San Francisco Contemporary Music Players Conductor: David Milnes,
  • November 10, 2004 Celebration of 30 years Gala Concert Yerbe Garen Center, San Francisco

Miniature 5–7 (2003) – for Two Pianos (part of miniature suit). Duration: ~8’

4 Miniatures (2002)– for violin, cello and percussion. Duration: ca 8’

  • Commissioned by the Core Ensemble for “Silken Phoenix Project” with financial support from Florida Collage Arts grant.

Singing, The Moon Reels, Dancing, The Shadows Stir  (2001) – for mixed ensemble of Chinese and Western classic Instruments. Duration: ca.14’00”

  • Commissioned by Music from China Inc. with financial support from the Mary Cary Flagler Trust, New York
  • Performer: the Ensemble Music from China
  • October 2001, Merkin Hall, New York (world première)

Three Voices (1998) – for Er-hu (Chinese violin), Zheng (Chinese zither) and bamboo flute. Duration: ca 9’

Pangu’s Song (1998) – for alto flute/flute and Percussion. Duration: ca 9’30”

The Blue Melody (1993) – for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. Duration: ca. 9’00”

Dan (1989) – for 2 pianos. Duration: ca.13'00”

  • Commissioned by 1989 National Pianoforte Conference and Festival
  • Performers: Bian Qing and Liu Suesu
  • April 4, 1989 Grand Concert Hall, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China  (world première)

Four Image Songs (1989) – for piano and soprano. Duration: ca. 15’00”

  • Performer: Piano, Zhong Li; Soprano, Fangfang Kong
  • December 7, 1989, Grant Concert Hall, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing China (world première) 
  • Received First Prize (1 of 2) of the Collegiate Art Song Competition, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing China

Xigu (1986) – for Chinese percussion and Bamboo flute.Duration: ca. 12’00”

  • Premiered at Concert Hall, Central Conservatory of Music   “Concert of Winning Works of The National Collegiate Music Award for Chinese Instrument”, August 1986, Beijing China
  • Performer: Bamboo Flute, Tao Chen, Chinese Percussion, Yue Ma
  • Received First Prize of the National Collegiate Music Award for Chinese Instruments, Beijing

Poems On The Way Home (1985) – for tenor and piano. Duration: ca 12’00”

  • Premiered at Concert Hall, Central Conservatory of Music, April, 1985, Beijing, China
  • Performer: Tenor, Tiemin Wang, Piano: Kui Dong
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