Kanji Practice


Dartmouth students:
• Japanese 1 (fall): Kanji #001-#050 (50)
• Japanese 2 (winter): Kanji #051-#175 (125)
• Japanese 3 (spring): #176-#300 plus 'Momotaro' & 'Nihongo' (171)

Kanji Practice is a site which helps learners of Japanese to master reading and writing kanji. Kanji are grouped in sets of 50, following the order used by learners of Japanese at Dartmouth College. For each kanji, the site offers a brushstroke image, a brief video clip demonstrating stroke order, sample sentences for On and Kun readings with accompanying audio clips, print variations and the English translation of the kanji. So far, kanji 1-300 and some supplementary kanji are available, with more kanji in production.

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