Recent Updates.

As you may have noticed, we are now embracing a new academic year with a brand new website!

The Dartmouth International Students' Association (ISA) is a campus student organization in charge of organizing campus-wide programs promoting the sense of international understanding and friendly diversity.

ISA is recruiting new leaders this fall! For more information , feel free to blitz us a short description of yourself: We will have a quick interview to determine the most fitting job for you. Limited time offer. Act quick.

Dedication to our community

Give back as you lead ISA. Dartmouth shall be proud of you.

Stay open-minded

Embrace the diversity of our world. Respect the uniqueness of every indiviudal and promote mutual understanding.

Be creative & efficient

Believe in your potentials. Make the most out of your college life.

meet the team.



Anwita Mahajan

VP Social

Sakina Boakye

VP Policy

Yoon Kim

VP Outreach

lovely work.

partnership guidlines

partnership guidlines

partnership guidlines

partnership guidlines

partnership guidlines

partnership guidlines

what we do.

President & VPs

They shall lead us in accordance with our motto "In varietate concordia".

Tech Savvy Division

They are magicians of dissolving complexity into simplicity.

Public Relation Division

They reach out to the public and advocate for the light.

Recruitment Division

They bring the warmth and love of ISA to people struggling in the dark world outside.

Design Division

They are the best of student artists and designers who can not only create beautiful ideas but also market them artfully.

Diversity Group

They represent the diverse Dartmouth student pool who are willing to contribute their unique ideas and stories into the building of a more open-minded campus community.

Secretary Group

They are the masterminds of event management and all meeting records. They coordinate with division heads to make sure the smooth running of every ISA program.

Treasury & Welfare Division

They take care of the balance sheets and also the welfare our people. They are helpful leaders who provide and promote intra-ISA support and peer bonding.