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Intergroup Dialogue at Dartmouth

125 Carson Hall - 6217 HB
Student Academic Support Center
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Faculty & Staff

Are you a Dartmouth faculty or staff member interested in supporting IGD? Have you heard about our program and want to connect your work with students at Dartmouth to the transformative pedagogy of IGD? Here are a few ways for you to get involved with our program.

  • Facilitate. IGD sections are co-facilitated by faculty and staff members and themes are chosen by the facilitators.

    • Find more program details and a link to the facilitator application HERE.

  • Nominate. Send us an email with the name(s) of students whom you think would benefit from and/or contribute in a meaningful way to IGD.

  • Promote. Hang a poster on your office door. Send information out via your department listserv. Invite one of our program staff members to give a brief presentation to your class or student staff about IGD.

  • Integrate. Connect IGD to your curricular/co-curricular educational opportunities. List participation in IGD as one of several options for meeting your student leadership requirements. Offer extra-credit for students' participation in IGD as a supplemental "learning lab" to your class meetings.

Intergroup Dialogue framework flyer

Last Updated: 8/15/16