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Intergroup Dialogue at Dartmouth

125 Carson Hall - 6217 HB
Student Academic Support Center
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Program Alumni

Have you previously participated in IGD at Dartmouth? Are you looking for opportunities to continue your learning and stay involved with the program? Here are a few ways for you to give back to as well as help us grow the IGD legacy at Dartmouth.

  • Nominate. Send us an email with name(s) of your fellow Dartmouth students (friends, classmates, and roommates) whom you think would benefit from and/or contribute in a meaningful way to IGD. We'll then send them a personal invitation letting them know they've been nominated by a peer to participate in this exciting new campus program.
  • Re-enroll. Consider signing up again! Maybe try out a new dialogue section, or re-enroll in the same one! Every IGD experience is unique because of the new students and facilitators involved.
  • Connect. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news on all things IGD!

Last Updated: 12/12/13