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Intergroup Dialogue at Dartmouth

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Participant Interest Form

Should you have difficulty in submitting this online interest form, please try doing so using another browser. For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact IGD@Dartmouth.EDU. Thank you!


Winter 2017 Participant Form

To assist us in creating diverse and well-balanced dialogue sections, we would appreciate your voluntary response to the following questions. Your responses to these questions will be kept confidential and will help us in the creation of equitable dialogue sections.

Please disclose how you identify for the following demographics:

Estimate Family Income:

Are you affiliated with a Greek organization on campus?

What IGD section(s) would you be most interested in enrolling in (please check all that apply below)? Please consider your schedule and note that IGD sessions run for 1.5 hours for 7 weeks when choosing an IGD section. You will be notified of your assigned section in during the first week of the winter term. IGD sections will meet beginning the week of Jan.16th and concluding the week of Feb. 27th.

How did you hear about Intergroup Dialogue? (please check all that apply)

For more information about IGD, please contact us at

Last Updated: 11/4/16