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Medici Workshops: Oct. 24 & 25

IDE is sponsoring two Medici Group pilot workshops - facilitated by Sharang Biswas D'12, T'13 - focused on innovation, inclusion, and collaboration.

Email to register. 

Intersectional Team Experience

Tuesday, October 24, 8:30 AM - Noon
Haldeman 031

The INTERSECTIONAL TEAM EXPERIENCE™ brings talent from across different parts and functions of the organization to learn, innovate and be inspired together. Working in cross-functional teams, employees learn about each other's roles in the success of your organization and use these insights to generate creative ideas. Organizations have used the INTERSECTIONAL TEAM EXPERIENCE to break down silos, improve collaboration and communication, and foster strong team dynamics —while coalescing a group of diverse individuals around key organizational challenges.

Key Segments Focus On:

  • Identifying and reflecting on the assets, roles and responsibilities of participants;
  • Ideation using inspiration from ideas and concepts from outside your sector or field;
  • Examining decision processes in the selection initiatives or projects to pursue; and
  • Making more connections across the group.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply new thinking, skills and tools immediately in their jobs;
  • Explore new methods to bring ideas and concepts from outside your industry to inspire innovation in their work;
  • Network with diverse teams and groups to understand their challenges;
  • Build respectful relationships with colleagues;
  • Increase their ability to contribute ideas that help your organization stand apart; and
  • Harness the diversity of their team(s) as a strength and advantage.

Medici Method

Wednesday, October 25, 8:30 AM - Noon
Haldeman 125

The MEDICI METHOD™ is a powerful ideation process that unleashes an explosion of ideas and insights that can lead to game changing options for your organization. The method combines core approaches from Frans Johansson's books, THE MEDICI EFFECT and THE CLICK MOMENT, with extensive empirical observations of 4,000+ teams across industries and geographies over the course of many years. Fast-paced and interactive, the MEDICI METHOD creates a high energy, intersectional environment where structures and processes are stripped away to unlock innovation. In the session, participants work in teams diverse across many dimensions, including functions, skills, and experiences to quickly explore new idea combinations based on your existing resources and unexpected inspiration. This approach helps teams come up with new ideas or explore new directions entirely that otherwise would not have been considered. 

Key Segments Focus On:

  • Assessing your organizations resources;
  • Creating a large number of ideas that push teams as well as the organization in new directions;
  • Exploring criteria to evaluate and select ideas; and
  • Cross-pollinating expertise and experiences to refine ideas. 


  • A set of new ideas or strategies targeted at your team's challenges;
  • Repeatable skills and tools that participants can use in their day-today work;
  • Improved collaboration across functions, roles, and groups;
  • Strategies for utilizing your existing resources to explore solutions widely and creatively; and
  • Empowered participants with a stronger sense of ownership in innovation at your organization.

Last Updated: 10/13/17