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Be Curious, Not Invasive . . . Web Resources

“Workplace Embraces Seem to Bewilder Everyone” (from Pacific Business News, March 10, 2006) by Jim George

“Pregnancy Dilemma: Strangers Want to Touch My Belly” (from

“Disability Etiquette” (United Spinal Association)

“Political Correctness and Diversity in Public Speaking” (from by Lenora Billings-Harris

“Managing Diversity” (from by Odette Pollar

“Academic Freedom, ‘Political Correctness’, and Ethics” (from Canadian Psychology 38.4, 1997) by Cannie Stark

"Use Curiosity to Build Cultural Awareness" (from by Kate Berardo

"Boundaries" (from Dane County Commission on Sensitive Crimes)

"How To Set And Defend Your Personal Boundaries"(from Personal and Business Success)


Last Updated: 10/22/08