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Examples of Complaints

  • Cheryl is an employee of the College. One of her supervisors continually makes passes at her in front of her co-workers. She has asked him to stop, but he won't. She feels that her accomplishments thus far, as well as peer respect for her recent promotion, are being diminished by rumors going around the department. She is thinking of transferring out of that department before the situation gets any worse.
  • Bob is a work-study student. One Saturday, while he is working alone with his boss, she puts her arms around him and invites him to come home with her that night for dinner. She implies to him that a strong letter of recommendation will be his reward for intimacies.
  • Mary is coming up for tenure at the College. Her department chair has been confiding details of his personal life to her and has recently begun pressuring her for sex. When she refuses, she fears that her promotion will be jeopardized.
  • In her study group, Elise is constantly interrupted by one male student who comments about her appearance or the clothing she is wearing. She is thinking about dropping out of the group.
  • Joe is a junior who is having problems with his lab assignments. He needs to speak with his male lab instructor but has been putting it off because the instructor stares at him in lab and makes him feel uncomfortable. When Joe finally asks to meet with the instructor, the instructor implies that they can only meet at his apartment, even though Joe prefers to meet at the lab. Joe is afraid to tell anyone about the episode because he is afraid other people will think that he is gay, and he is very uncomfortable about that.
  • Sue's thesis advisor has been pressuring her for sexual relations. He states that her refusal may reflect on the amount of time he is able to spend with her on her thesis, which may affect her grade and academic standing. Sue believes this may occur and is not sure anyone would believe her in light of the advisor's tenured position.

Last Updated: 10/22/08