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Greentracs 2017 is underway! Bob, Gabe, and Karina have joined colleagues from Boise State University on an 8-week snowmobile traverse in the Western percolation zone of Greenland! Check out new posts on the GreenTrACS blog!


Ian Lee and David CS are deploying to Jarvis Glacier, Alaska, to deploy tilt sensors and run optical televiewer logs in boreholes drilled along the shear margin of the glacier!


David CS is on his way to the Antarctic for the third time! He'll be deploying as part of the South Pole ICE core (SPICE) project this season.


Erich Osterberg, Gabe Lewis, and Thomas Overly have returned from Greenland and a highly successful first year of the GreenTRaCs traverse! See the full story on Gabe's blog!

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Last updated 06.13.2016

Erich Osterberg

    Paleoclimate & Atmospheric Pollution
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Erich is an assistant professor at Dartmouth College's Department of Earth Sciences and is investigating paleoclimate and atmospheric pollution, primarily in polar and alpine regions. Most of his research is based on geochemical analyses of ice cores, but he also uses geophysical techniques and studies marine and lake sediments. Erich's paleoclimate research has been focused on climate variability during the Holocene, particularly in the North Atlantic and North Pacific regions. Natural climate oscillations like the Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm Period provide a longer context for understanding modern climate change due in part to human activities. Furthermore, he is studying how mountain glaciers and the Greenland Ice Sheet have responded to climate change in the past in an effort to better predict how they will respond in the future. His atmospheric pollution research has been focused on the trans-Pacific transport of heavy metal (e.g lead, mercury, cadmium) emissions from Asia to North America. To learn more about Erich, visit his website.

Office: 205 Fairchild
Phone: 603-646-1096
E-mail: erich.c.osterberg(at)