Figure 15-2. Horizontal section through the middle of the thigh. In A, the nerves and vessels are identified. B shows the quadriceps (supplied by the femoral nerve) anteriorly, the adductors (supplied mostly by the obturator nerve) medially, and the hamstrings (supplied mostly by the sciatic nerve) posteriorly. The adductor longus is shown immediately anterior to the adductor magnus. The sartorius (5) has descended in a spiral from the anterior group and hence is supplied by the femoral nerve. The femoral vessels are situated subsartorially in the adductor canal. Although not shown here, the adductor magnus, in addition to its adductor part (supplied by the obturator nerve), has an extensor component supplied by the sciatic nerve. Ad.M., adductor magnus; B.F., biceps femoris; Gr., gracilis; R.F., rectus femoris; S., sartorius; S-m., semimebranosus; S-t., semitendinosus; V.I., vastus intermedius; V.L., vastus lateral is; V.M., vastus medialis. Click for high resolution image.

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