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Employees who enroll in a medical plan at Dartmouth College are automatically enrolled in a pharmacy plan offered through CVS/caremark.

Key features include:

  • Broad retail network of more than 67,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including:
    •      Independent pharmacies
    •      Chain pharmacies
    •      CVS pharmacy locations

Your CVS/caremark prescription ID card must be presented when filling a prescription.

  • Flexible prescription service for your maintenance medications. 90-day supply maintenance medications are available at a reduced cost and may be filled through CVS/caremark's mail-order pharmacy or at any CVS pharmacy location.
  • Certain preventive prescriptions offered at no cost to members enrolled in the HDHP medical plan. A comprehensive list of these prescriptions can be found at


Tiered drug pricing, ranging from:



CVS/caremark uses the following services to ensure you are receiving the best care:

  • The Advanced Control Formulary provides you and your prescriber with a guide to help you choose the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective medications available. It is recommended that you and your prescriber refer to the Formulary in determining which medication may be best for you. Should your medication be excluded starting January 1, you will receive a notification from CVS/caremark in December identifying your alternatives.
  • Prior Authorization reviews certain specialty medications, as determined by the Specialty Guideline Management Program, to check for more appropriate options. If a medication you are taking requires prior authorization, your prescriber will need to contact Caremark Connect – your pharmacist will let you know.
  • The Drug Savings Review Program reviews your prescription history to ensure your prescribed medications are right for you. If CVS/caremark identifies an opportunity to simplify your prescription regimen or finds a more cost-effective medication, they will work with your prescriber to update your prescriptions, if appropriate. No changes will be made to your prescriptions without your prescriber's consent.

Last Updated: 7/24/18