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The information found on this page and its attached links is for plan year 2017.  This information is available
For information on current year benefits, please return to the MAIN BENEFITS WEBPAGE and scroll down to the list of current year benefits.




All benefit-eligible employees can enroll in a medical insurance plan offered through Cigna Health





WORDS TO KNOW: a list of commonly used words and definitions relating to your medical plans.



Dartmouth will continue to offer three medical plan options in 2017

Use the links below to see how the associated tax savings programs work:

Important features of all three plans



Dartmouth College contributes to the cost of your medical insurance rates on a per pay period basis. The amount that Dartmouth contributes is determined by your benefit plan, your full time equivalency (FTE) and your annual base salary. When reviewing rates in the FlexOnline system and on your pay stub, you will notice both the full amount and the Dartmouth Credit displayed. To determine your true out-of-pocket cost, you will need to subtract the Dartmouth credit from the full cost of the plan.

Medical plan rates are paid on a pre-tax basis through your paycheck. Research Fellows pay medical rates on a post-tax basis.

Medical Cost Estimator Tool

You may also refer to the Employee Medical Plan Cost Estimator to help determine the out-of-pocket cost of your medical plan.  Medical plan rates do not change during the year, unless you have a change in your full time equivalency or if your employment category changes (i.e. Exempt, non-exempt, SEIU, Research Associate B [RAB] or Research Fellow).  You may use the Medical Plan Cost Estimator (url) at any time to determine your out-of-pocket cost.



Employees can pick from four tier levels for their Medical Coverage:

Single - Covers the employee only
Employee plus child(ren) - Covers the employee plus one or more children
Employee plus spouse - Covers the employee plus their spouse, civil union partner or same sex domestic partner
Family coverage - Covers the employee plus their spouse, civil union partner or same sex domestic partner and one or more children of the covered parents.

If you have a benefits eligible spouse who also works at Dartmouth, you can often save money by both enrolling in single plans, or one of you taking the children on an employee plus child plan, while the other enrolls in a single plan.



Cigna can provide tips on how manage your claims and save money on medical services. 

click here for more information on how to manage your medical claims (URL)



As part of the preventative care services under your Dartmouth College medical insurance plans, each covered member of your family receives one eye exam per year at no cost, when using in-network providers.

Corrective lenses (ex. glasses or contact lenses) are not covered. However, a $50 hardware reimbursement toward the cost of frames, lenses and contacts is offered to members of the OAP and CCF plans.

Types of Vision Providers

Types of Vision Providers (pdf) - Depending on the type of vision care you need, you may need to utilize a different type of vision provider. Please use this flyer as a guide to help you determine which type you will need and how they are covered under your insurance plan.
Routine Eye Care Providers (url) - Cigna uses VSP as their vision administrator. For the most up-to-date list of routine eye care providers in your area; select "Find a Cigna Vision Network Eye Care Professional", then click "search as a guest", and enter your location.
Medical Eye Care Providers (url) - Medical related eye claims go through Cigna's network of medical eye care professionals. For the most up-to-date list of medical eye care providers; click on "Eye Doctor" then click on the type of Eye Professional required.

Vision Discounts

Filing Claims




Dartmouth College recognizes that there are a limited number of mental health providers in the Upper Valley who participate with our Cigna health plans. To improve access to mental health care for Dartmouth employees and their families, we have worked closely with Cigna to increase the number of participating in-network providers and to develop a mental health benefit program.

Click here to search for an in-network mental health provider (URL)



When traveling outside the United States on Dartmouth related business, as your Dartmouth medical plan, Cigna offers global health benefits to you and your covered family members traveling with you.

When traveling outside of the United States for non Dartmouth related business, Dartmouth's medical plans offers enrolled members urgent and emergency care services for you and your covered family members traveling with you.

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An Infertility Reimbursement is available for expenses not covered by your medical plan. Details on the program are available here.

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You may be eligible to receive employer contributions to a tax savings program.  You may also be eligible to contribute your own dollars tax free, to a tax savings program.  Funds can be used to help pay for eligible health care expenses. Details on Dartmouth's tax savings programs are available here.

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Retirees under age 65 may elect from the Open Access Plus Plan (OAP) the Cigna Choice Fund Plan (CCF) , or the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and may be eligible for some of the benefits outlined on this page.

Retirees age 65 and over may elect the Dartmouth College Medicare Supplement (DCMS) Plan.

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  • Customer Service: 1-855-869-8619
  • Send Claims To: PO Box 182223, Chattanooga, TN  37422-7223
  • Website:



For questions on enrolling in medical insurance or making changes to your medical insurance:

For questions on your membership, coverage, or to request new ID cards, you should contact Cigna directly

Last Updated: 7/24/18