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II. Ashoka announces a position:
Director, Environmental Innovations Initiative

Ashoka invests in leading social entrepreneurs around the world - extraordinary young men and women with innovative ideas for far-reaching social change and the talent and drive to have regional or national impact. Ashoka operates in 35 countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Central Europe, and will launch a Fellows program in the U.S. later this year. Currently there are more than 1,000 Ashoka social entrepreneurs creating positive change in a variety of fields including education, legal reform, health care, human rights and environmental conservation.

Ashoka launched the Environmental Innovations (EI) Initiative in 1998 to build a global network of leading environmental practitioners, distill the underlying principles and best practices that emerge from their collective work, and disseminate these ideas to key audiences globally.

We are seeking a Director for the Initiative who will provide the intellectual leadership for a multi-year effort to synthesize the work of Ashoka Fellows and other leading environmental entrepreneurs addressing a wide variety of environmental challenges. From this synthesis, the Director will build a mosaic of guiding principles and practical implementation strategies, that when disseminated globally will catalyze action that accelerates the pace of change in the environmental field. The Director will work in close partnership with the Associate Director, building on what has been developed in the EI Initiative since its inception.

Intellectual Leadership
The Director will have primary responsibility for developing the "mosaic" of leading principles, drawing upon his/her own knowledge of the field, the experiences of Ashoka Fellows and other leading environmental entrepreneurs, and existing studies of best practices and policies in environmental conservation and sustainable development. The Director will also facilitate meetings and workshops, comprised of stakeholders from a variety of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and designed to elicit principles and best practices in environmental change.

Marketing and Partnerships
The Director will work with the Associate Director, whose primary responsibilities include creating and implementing an outreach strategy through which principles and best practices can be channeled once developed. This will include working with the environmental community, the philanthropic community, businesses and the media to create relationships that will facilitate achieving the objectives of the EI Initiative.

Fellow Support
The Director (and Associate Director) will work closely with Ashoka's Fellowship Support Services (FSS) division to develop a portfolio of support services (information, networking, consulting and financial resources, etc.) geared specifically to Ashoka's environmental Fellows.

Program Management
The Director is responsible for overall program management, including strategic project planning, program implementation, budgeting and fundraising. The Director has complete discretion over expenditures, provided he/she secures sufficient revenues.

The initiative has received start-up funding. The Director will be responsible for developing a revenue strategy to maintain the initiative's ongoing base of funding and expanding sources of financial support to fund new collaborative activities within the Environmental Innovations Initiative.

Ashoka is looking for a dynamic individual who is well-versed in leading international environmental challenges and solutions. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability for sustained intellectual inquiry and a passionate commitment to integrating principles with the practical needs of environmental practitioners around the globe.

The successful candidate will also have the skills to oversee one of Ashoka's flagship programs and to manage highly-motivated and creative staff. The successful candidate will be able to "plan from the future," envisioning how the mosaic of principles and best practices can impact society and planning the steps necessary to achieve that vision.

Intellectual Skills

Management and Leadership Skills

Personal Qualities

International Experience/Educational Background

The position is based in the Washington DC area and will involve a large amount of travel. International candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Salary is commensurate with experience and skills.

Please send resume and cover letter:
Fax: 703-527-8383
Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
1700 North Moore St., Suite 2000
Arlington VA 22209

More on Ashoka may be view on the website at: