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The Life Sciences Greenhouse is home to several unique collections...

Tropical Room

       tropical 2 tropical 3 tropical 1

    Carnivorous Plant Collection in the Tropical Room

    We have about 30 species of carnivorous plants.

The tropical collection includes plants that normally grow in tropical areas with temperatures in the 80s and a minimum temperature of 65 degrees F. Plants in this collection include banana, coffee, chocolate, pineapple, and plumeria. 

    Sub-tropical  Room


    The Sub-Tropical Collection area houses our large fern collection, including staghorn ferns, tree ferns, as well as a number of fragrant jasmines, olive and pomegranate.  There is also a pond with goldfish and aquatic plants.  Sub-tropical plants can handle nighttime temperatures to around 45 degrees F. 

    Xeric Room (cacti and succulents)

         arid room 1     Cereus       Arid room 2         

    The desert collection room includes a great number of plants in the cactus family as well as individuals from other families that tolerate dry conditions, like some members of the lily family, the milkweed family, and the poinsettia family. Of special interest is our caudiciform collection, an unusual and rare group of plants that store water by developing a thickened underground stem.


    Brout Orchid Collection

    Warm orchid    cool orchid

    There are two rooms of orchids.  The warm orchid room contains orchids from the tropics.  Some of these orchids are Paphiopedalums, Phragmepediums, and Phalaenopsis. The cool orchid room holds orchids that grow in the mountains of South America around an elevation of about 3000 feet.  These orchids include Masdevallias, Draculas, and Bulbophyllums.

    Brout Orchid Collection

    Multi-purpose Room

    multiroom            multiroom 2

    The multi-purpose room is used for meetings, lunches, and studying.  It's open to everyone to enjoy and experience a bit of summer in winter.



Although the research area is not open to the public, the Life Sciences Greenhouse serves as support for the plant research of faculty, graduate students, and research associates.  We also support classes at Dartmouth College that need plants for instruction.

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