Frequently asked questions by visitors in the greenhouse:

Where do you get your plants?

We buy them from reputable commercial growers. We also get speciments from other universities. We do not collect from out in the wild due to CITES restrictions (a ban on wild-collecting endangered species).

How many people work in the greenhouse?

Just two of us: Kim and Terry. We maintain the plants in the public areas and do pest control in the research end. We also grow plants for Biology classes.

How do you do pest control and where do the pests come from?

Thrips are small enough to get in the screens and vents in the greenhouse. Sometimes pests will come in on visitors' clothes. Other than those ways, we have no idea. They're probably smarter than we are. Please refer to our Pest Management webpage on this website. You'll notice white packets and strips of paper amongst the plants. Those are sources of predatory bugs.

Do you eat the fruit that grows on the trees?

Yes, the fruit is delicious. Kim's favorite is the Jaboticaba fruit in the sub-tropical room. Terry loves the Meyer lemon and the pomegranate.

Do you ever sell your plants or have plant sales?

It's time-consuming to set up plant sales, so we don't do plant sales. We usually only have one type of each plant in the greenhouse.