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Student Artist Highlight

Jadyn Petterson-Rae's "one in five" raises awareness on sexual assault


A student artist Jadyn Petterson-Rae, class of 2015, is showcasing a photo installation named "one in five" in the Black Visual Arts Center. 

"One in five" highlights the statistic that one in five women will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. The installation features Dartmouth women who have come forward to share their own experiences and raise awareness on sexual assault. The women featured in the exhibit said their participation helped them reflect on and process their experiences.


Jadyn began working on the project when she took an introductory WGSS course Sex, Gender, and Society, and eventually the project evolved through a Studio Art course Photography I. By putting a face to the issue, Jadyn hoped to make the statistic on sexual assault a tangible, real phenomenon to the audience. Jadyn specifically focused on Dartmouth women so that the campus audience recognizes its own community members and deeply engages with the piece. However, she also mentioned that she recognizes the prevalence of sexual assault beyond campuses and the wide range of survivors who were not featured in her work. 

The exhibit will be displayed in the BVAC until May 3. If you would like to reach out to her about adding your picture to the exhibit, please contact her at jadynpr@gmail.com.

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