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Kosovo Scholar Highlights

Art as Action: Being Aware of the Gender Box -"ED" by Besnik Leka

"Follow Us" Initiative  - Featuring Teuta Sahatqija 


Art as Action: Being Aware of the Gender Box -"ED"  by Besnik Leka

(WGSS 10.03 FA 15 with Professor Giavanna Munafo)

Besnik's goal in this project is to make people aware of the gender box, a constant reminder for people to act/be in a certain way according to gender norms. 






"Follow Us" Initiative (formerly "Budva Process")

Features Teuta Sahatqija, a GRID Kosovo Scholar at Dartmouth 

Part of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo's programmatic focus is to explore ways to increase women's political participation, including through peer-to-peer co-operation and exchanges of best practices. Flowing from this, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the OSCE Mission to Serbia organized a series of meetings between prominent women from Prishtinë/Priština and Belgrade in order to increase contacts, foster relationships, and identify common actions to support women's empowerment. As these meetings first took place in Budva, Montenegro, it became known as the "Budva Process". The members include women from academia, civil society, media, and public affairs. From 2012 to June 2015, six meetings were held in Budva, Zurich, Belgrade, and Prishtinë/Priština. During the March 2015 meeting in Prishtinë/Priština, participants renamed the process the "Follow Us" Initiative. Besides the documentary, joint actions include the organization of a dialogue academy for young women and a blogging platform on gender issues.