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Welcome to the BIDEA home page!  We will post articles for reading and a discussion forum here (soon) to streamline the entire groups communication with one another.  


*Bilbao Conference Materials (IMPORTANT)

Conference Program and Objectives

Learning Environment and Outcomes

Access to Material Archive from Christina Stoltz



Articles for Bilbao Conference 

Duncan, "Renegotiating Gender and Sexuality..."

Hall, "Cultural Identity and Diaspora.."

Kaplan, "Critical Interventions Globalization... "

Moghadam, "Globalization and its Discontents..."

Wright, "Manufacturing Bodies..."


Final Working Groups

BIDEA Groupings

Contact Information

BIDEA Contacts

From Boston Conference/Workshop (Jan 22-23)

Unpacking Trafficking Discourse - Christina Stoltz

Aftermath - Ch. 1 and 5 - Susan Brison

Workshop Summary - Lisa Cuklanz


Materials for discussion

Theoretical Methodology

Todorov, "Memory and Hope"

General Information on Trafficking

World Health Organization, Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Handbook

Human Trafficking in Europe

Jakobson, "The law and economics of international sex slavery..."

Askola, "Violence against Women..."

Breuil, "Human trafficking revisited..."

Trafficking Representations

Baker, "Moving Beyond..."

Hesford, Ch. 4 from Spectacular Rhetorics: Human Rights Visions, Recognitions, Feminisms - "Global Sex Work..."

Weitzer, "Social Constructions of Sex Trafficking..."

Political/Legal discourse in the US

Relevant Authorization Statutes

* Recently Added


For more thoughts/ideas/discussions, see:


European Commission:



United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime:


Women’s Link Worldwide:




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