Anglo-American Partition 1945

Arab Villages (slow draw)

Arab Villages after '49-'67

Dates of Independence

Distribution of Religions

Distribution of Religions (detail)

Distribution of Kurdish People

Foreign Forces in Lebanon, July 1992

General Assembly Partition

Interwar (slow draw demo)

Interwar Period on Middle East

Israeli-Syrian Golan Agreement, 5/31/74

Israel After Armistice, 1949

Israeli Settlements: Gaza 1992

Israeli Settlements: Golan, 2/92

Israeli-Egyptian Agreement, 1974

Israeli-Egyptian Agreement, 1975

Lebanon's Main Religions, 1992

The Middle East under Foreign Control

Occupied Lands at 1949 Armistice

Palestinian Mandate of South Remo, 1922

Palestine under Sykes-Picot

Palestine and Trans-Jordan, 1922

Palestinian Refugee Camps, 1948

Palestinian Refugee Camps, 1967

Partition Scheme, July 1937

Shiites in Middle East, 1982

Six-Day War, Battle of Jerusalem

Six-Day War, Egyptian Front

Six-Day War, Jordanian Front

The Allon Plan

The Middle East in 1930

The Modern Middle East

The Ottoman Empire, 1580

The Second Bernadotte Plan

The Sykes-Picot Agreement, 1916

UK in the Middle East, 1917-1971

UK Partition Plan, 1938

UK Promise to the Arabs, 1915

UNSCOP Majority Proposal, 1947

UNSCOP Minority Proposal, 1947

Where Refugees Go

Woodhead Partition, 1939A

Woodhead Partition, 1939B

Woodhead Partition, 1939C