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For software that supports the ACCESSKEY attribute, we have defined the following keyboard shortcuts:
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The Nietzsche Chronicle supplies more detail on a variety of subjects. I call these "sidelights." Sidelights appear in separate windows. In order for this to function, you must have JavaScript enabled for your browser.


The audio materials on this site are in QuickTime format. In order to access these materials you must have Quicktime properly installed.

Text size

The Web is a flexible medium, meaning people can adapt their view of Web pages to meet their needs and preferences. Text size is something that needs to be flexible, so this site employs style sheets and relative units to set the text size on the pages. We do not specify a size for the main text, and specify all other text elements relative to the main text (e.g., captions are set as ".9em", which means just a bit smaller than the main text). This means that the main text displays at the default size that you have defined in your browser preferences.

Users who would like to enlarge or reduce the text size on the page can do so by applying a custom style sheet or changing the default text size (in browser preferences), or by using the browser's text zoom feature normally located under the View menu.

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