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Tuck Finance Center Payroll Processes

Payroll Authorizations:

  • Payroll Authorizations (PAs) are used to establish a new employee, make changes to the information for existing employees or end employment for existing employees.
  • Payroll Authorization processing is the responsibility of Tuck Human Resources and/or the Finance Center. Faculty and staff wishing to hire either full time or temporary employees or students must first obtain approval from the Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty or the Assistant Dean/Chief Operating Officer. Tammy Stebbins, Tuck’s Human Resources Manager can assist with the process of hiring staff and students.

Labor Account Distribution Changes (LADCs):

  • Future-dated LADCs are used to transact future changes to labor accounts. LADC wage transfers are used for retroactive labor changes.
  • Both future-dated LADCs and LADC wage transfers are processed by the Tuck Finance Center.


  • Payroll policies are found here.