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Invoice and Payment Request Sponsors and Committees

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Project Sponsors

Mike Wagner, Tricia Spellman, Gail Goodness

Oversight Committee

Gail Goodness, Tricia Spellman, Tammy Moffatt, Joe Doucet, and Sam Cavallaro

Project Management Team

Co-leads: Jeannette Crary, Laurie Noblet, Lisa Wallace

Business Processes: Debra Barton, Debra Clifford, Walter Kurgas, Nicole Richer-Maloney, Megan Tompkins, Sherrill Zani

ECM Team: Chris Pankhurst, Kevin Perron, Gokil Pavithra Rajendran, Alex French

Customer Advisory Committee

Aarron R. Clough, Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)
Adrienne W. Stone, Admin and Provost Finance Center
Ann M. Betters, Admin and Provost Finance Center
Annette M. Lepine, Tuck Finance Center
Bise Wood Saint Eugene, Classic Studies
Brenda A. Delaney, Library Administration
Carol A. Gage, The Dartmouth Institute (TDI)
Catherine B. Follensbee, Collis Center for Student Involvement
Chris Schepici, Cashier's Office
Claire Masoodian, Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Darcie D. Crate, Microbiology
Debra J. Fisk, Health Services
Diane T. Nadeau, Collis Center for Student Involvement
Donna Youngman, University Press of New England (UPNE)
Edwin R. Leavitt, Division of Student Affairs
Emily Allen Eckels, Division of Student Affairs
Heather T. Williams, Undergraduate Research (UGAR)
Hillary R. Davis, Medical Education
Ingrid E. Knudsen, Hopkins Center
Jane E. Lemire, Athletics
Jeanne Briand, Undergraduate Research (UGAR)
Jennifer E. Fullerton, Campus Services IT Systems
Jessica Havrda, Hood Museum
Jessica L. McDonough, Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)
Joanna S. Bennis, Plan, Design, and Construction
Jody A. Patten, Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)
Judy S. Stabolepszy, Campus Services
Karen L. Thompson, Microbiology
Kathleen Decato, Outdoor Programs Office
Kathleen M. Rorison, The Dartmouth Institute (TDI)
Kathryn A. Page, Student Financial Services
Kati L. Hudson, Tuck Academic Support
Kimberly M. Hanchett, Dickey Center for International Understanding
Kristi Ballou, Center for Comparative Medicine and Research (CCMR)
Kristin M. Harrington, Molecular and System Biology
Lesa M. Knapp, Advancement
Linda M. Hoover, Dining Services
Liz Cassell, Linguistics
Lydia Oranski, Biochemistry
Matthew C. Smith, Dining Services
Melissa A. Durkee, Admin and Provost Finance Center
Michael A. Cass, Advancement
Nicole Ryan Constantineau, Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Robin Pych, Campus Services
Sarah F. Brooks, Provost Office
Stephanie D. Fournier, Hood Museum
Stephen R. Langley, Hopkins Center
Stephen T. LeBlanc, Campus Services

Last Updated: 5/31/17