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Procurement Questions


Where can I find general information on buying goods or services at Dartmouth?

Before purchasing a good or service, please refer to the Procure-to-Pay guide on the Procurement website.

Where can I find a list of preferred vendors?

Dartmouth’s list of preferred vendors can be found in the Procure-to-Pay guide on the Procurement website.

How do I know which items are in the warehouse?

The Inventory Operations page contains a list of all items that are in the warehouse. Check this page to see if the item that you seek to procure is located in the warehouse: Inventory Operations

What do I do if I do not receive all the items listed in my order confirmation?

Contact the individual responsible for ordering supplies (the "Super User") in your department or finance center. You may need to provide the packing receipt and the order confirmation to verify missing items.

To whom should I submit my purchase requisition?

All purchase requisitions may be submitted to a finance center Senior Specialist or, in some departments, your departmental Super User.

Do we need to complete independent contractor forms?

If an independent contractor form is needed for your transaction, the finance center can assist you with this process.

We have a consultant that is shared between units. How will this work with the finance center?

Determine which department will initiate the process. Expenses can be charged to multiple departments.

Does the finance center do the procurement bidding for us?

The finance center can help to confirm if you have gotten appropriate bids. If you would like assistance with finding vendors, developing a request for bid or vendor negotiations you should contact Procurement Services.

How does the process work to establish a Master Agreement?

Departments should work with Procurement to establish a Master Agreement. To access services through the Master Agreement, work with your finance center.

What should I do with my P-card receipts?

The P-card user should send legible scanned receipts to the finance center along with the business purpose and chart string(s).

How does the finance center know which chart strings to allocate P-card expenses to?

The finance center communicates with the P-card user to make sure we have the correct chart strings associated with P-card charges.

Who will be audited during the P-card audits?

The P-card audits will be conducted with the finance centers.

What about monthly P-card statements? Do you need to see the whole statement or just the summary page?

The finance center should receive the entire monthly statement (scanned or paper copy).