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Are other colleges or universities creating finance centers?

Other universities such as University of New Hampshire, Cornell, and other peers in higher education have implemented these types of centers.

How do employees learn how to interface with the finance center?

As new Finance Centers have gone live, we have held information sessions to describe the processes of the finance centers. The finance center website also contains summary information about the procedures.

I am new to my department. Do I still need to take the financial courses?

Talk to your supervisor about which courses will be necessary, if any. Generally, it should not be necessary for you to take courses related to financial transactions. The finance center will be responsible for those financial transactions.

I am used to working with a person in my office on financial transactions. How does it work with the finance center being in a different location?

Although the finance center staff does not sit in the same location as you, they work closely with you on your financial transactions via phone and e-mail. The finance center staff and their contact information are listed on the finance center website.

How do the finance centers communicate new processes and procedures with the departments?

The finance center staff communicate regularly with the departments via information sessions, the Finance Center website, D2Us, and other standard communication vehicles.

Do we need to continue to reconcile the accounts within the department?

The finance center staff will work with departments to perform the account reconciliation.

Will we still be able to see our budgets and expenses online?

All departments will still have access to their accounts, budgets, and expenses online.

What does the implementation of the finance centers mean for financial records kept within our department?

You should continue to be responsible for your financial records or send everything to Records Management for archiving.