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Payroll Authorizations, Labor Account or Wage Transfer

Payroll Authorizations (PAs)

PAs are used to establish a new employee, make changes to the information of an existing employee, or end employment of an existing employee.


  • Payroll authorizations are created in the finance center at the request of the department/program. (Exception: Payroll authorizations for graduate students are created by the graduate studies program administrator.)


  • Copy and paste the following into a new email and provide answers to the items:

       Subject:         Payroll – Employee Name

       New Hire, Re-Hire, Transfer, Revise Pay Rate, Additional Pay, or Special Rate
       Last Name
       First Name
       Middle Initial
       People Group: Exempt, Non Exempt, Grad Student, Faculty, temp
             If Non-Exempt or Temp, provide the following:
                 Supervisor Name
                 Kronos Report Delegate                        
       Dartmouth ID (if available)
       Begin Date
       End Date
       Rate of Pay (hourly or monthly)
       Chart String (list GL or PTAEO)
       Position Title or Position Number
       Contact Name
       Contact Phone Number
       Supporting Comments

NOTE: If a New Hire, the ASFC will phone you to obtain birth date and social security number. Please do not send electronically for privacy and security reasons.

  • Send email to for processing in Smart PA form and entry into the HRMS system.


Wage Transfers (previously LADCs)


  • Information on the procedure for future-dated wage transfers can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Information on the procedure for retroactive wage transfers can be accessed by clicking here.



Last Updated: 7/23/18