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Second College Grant

Photo: Diamond RiverDartmouth College owns and manages 27,000 acres of woodland in the Northern Forest region of New Hampshire, near Erroll, New Hampshire and the Maine state line.  This land, known as the Second College Grant or "the Grant", was given to the College by the State of New Hampshire in 1807. The Grant is characterized by a remote wilderness aesthetic, a diversity of habitat, and pristine waters.  In 2007, the College celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Grant.

The Grant has long been used for timber harvesting and recreation, although recreation has only expanded more recently as the Grant became more accessible.  Timber harvesting has been culturally and economically important to the region for hundreds of years, and the Grant provides income for Dartmouth College.  The intent is for harvesting to continue, but in balance with other management goals, such as wilderness recreation, preservation of natural places and waters, and long-term sustainability.  

Overall management at the Grant is governed by the Grant Management Committee, which has created a Master Plan for the Grant. There is also a Forest Management Plan specifically for the management of timber harvesting. The Grant has received Green Tag Certification, and is a member of the American Tree Farm System.

 The Outdoor Programs Office, within the Dean of the College Division, is responsible for overseeing the cabins and recreational uses on the Grant.


Last Updated: 7/24/18