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Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility



The principle mission of the Dartmouth College Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (ACIR) is to study proxy resolutions relating to important social issues and to make recommendations to Dartmouth College on how it should vote specific proxy resolutions for U.S. companies in which the College holds publicly traded shares.  In addition, ACIR is charged with making recommendations to Dartmouth College regarding: the desirability of disclosing information regarding the College’s investment portfolio to its constituencies; the process by which the College determines its position with respect to proxy resolutions and the practices the College employs to express its positions; the guidance, if any, that the College’s investment advisors should be given to avoid selection of investment positions that could be deemed inconsistent with Dartmouth’s mission; and the possibilities for education of students and other interested parties regarding the goals and constraints of the College’s investment portfolio.

ACIR meets throughout the year to accomplish its missions.  ACIR meets on a weekly basis from late March through May, the period during which most proxy resolutions are voted upon, at which time it makes the great majority of its recommendations. ACIR is in the process of developing guidelines so that it can make voting recommendations to the College throughout the year.

Last Updated: 11/26/18