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Sayles Application Instructions

Student Research Program

Read the Student Research Guidelines

General Application Instructions

  1. Review the online application in its entirety. If you have questions, contact the Ethics Institute at 646-1263 or via email.

  2. Decide on a research arrangement that fits your interests and, if off-campus, discuss these arrangements with a sponsor for that agency/ institution/ organization. Select a Dartmouth faculty member who is willing to act as your advisor in designing the research, in providing a sounding board during the research, and in evaluating your work.

  3. On the online application, upload a letter of support from your faculty advisor.

  4. Provide an itemized detailed budget of expenses during the research period. Costs may include:


airfare, bus, subway, automobile (current rate per mile)


hotel accommodations, housing (not considered an expense if living at home)

Supplies and Equipment

Items generally covered:

  • photocopying or library materials
  • fees for translators, coding interviews
  • long distance call related to research
  • rental equipment

Last Updated: 7/24/18