Environmentalism at Dartmouth
The Winter page is dedicated to exploring environmentalism at Dartmouth outside of the ESD. Clearly, daily efforts made on the part of individuals are not covered and I will only touch briefly on some of the organizations centered around environmentalism here.
Each separate page contains a brief overview of the organization or department, then a list of links which can take you further in that direction if you wish to continue exploring. I also have interviewed people involved in some of these to lend the page a more personal dimension, and I hope you will choose to link up to the pages containing interviews as well.
Environmental Academics
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This page and its components were created by Jeannine Murray-Roman'99, February, 1999. Since its aesthetic theme is winter, I've placed little buttons on some of the pages so that you can, if you desire, easily access pictures of beautiful Dartmouth. Here's the first; give it a try!

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