Practical Environmentalism

Dartmouth and its community are fortunate enough to be located in the wondrously beautiful Upper Valley in New Hampshire, right along the Connecticut River, in between the White Moutains and the Green Mountains. In fact, the Appalachian Trail goes right through quaint little Hanover. We own and manage property all over the state and everyone in the DOC takes great pride in feeling this connection to the land. With this pride comes a great deal of responsibility to care for the land properly. As you might imagine, the college produces a great deal of waste in terms of resources and energy. Thankfully, the concern which ESD takes in trying to create greater awareness of environmental preservation is shared by others at our fine institution. Among the most important are the groups which combine college funds, resources, and advising with student energy and input. These are:

  1. Drecyleslogo
  2. ECO

For a personal perspective, see the interview with one of the FO&M interns, Katie Turpin, who had this to say about the positive aspects and frustrations of working with improving environmentalism at Dartmouth.

For the perspective of an employee and representative of the administrative side of implementing environmentalism, see the interview with Woody Eckels.

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