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Check out the video below about our Greenland research! Also check out our GreenTrACS Blog for the latest updates on the 2017 field expedition.




11/4/19: Our new GreenTrACS paper in The Cryosphere shows a recent DECREASE in snowfall in Greenland - unexpected!

10/18/19: Congrats to Dr. Gabe Lewis for successfully defending his PhD!!

10/8/19: We have a timescale for SPICEcore! Check out Dom's new paper in The Cryosphere - a huge amount of work.

6/20/19: David, Gabe and Katie collected a 50 m ice core from Denali to update our 2013 core. Great job in tough conditions!

3/28/18: Our new GreenTrACS paper in GRL shows that Greenland melting is unprecidented for at least 450 years. Nice story in WaPo!

2/14/18: Our new GRL paper with Trevor and Prof. Winter shows a wavy jet stream causes the winter U.S. 'warming hole'. Getting great media coverage.

12/19/17: Our new Denali ice core paper in Nature Sci. Rep. shows a DOUBLING of precipitation in Alaska since 1840; unprecidented for 1200 years! Getting some great press in WaPo and beyond.

7/20/17: Our new WAIS Divide paper in JGR shows mid-latitude volcanic eruptions are recorded in ice cores.

7/14/17: Our new Denali ice core paper in GRL shows the long-term intensification of North Pacific storms since the 1700s. Check out the Editor's Highlight.

6/28/17: The GreenTrACS team wrapped up a HUGELY successful season - 256 m of ice core from 9 sites & >2000 km of radar data!! Check out their blog!

6/19/17: Erich, Kevin, Pat and Ursula are home after a succesful 2 weeks in Denali servicing our alpine weather stations.

4/28/17: Our paper showing a 53% jump in Northeastern USA extreme storms since 1996 is now online here.

4/21/17: Check out the NHPR story about Erich participating in the NH March for Science