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Check out the video below about our Greenland research! Also check out our GreenTrACS Blog for the latest updates on the 2017 field expedition.




6/28/17: The GreenTrACS team wrapped up a HUGELY successful season - 256 m of ice core from 9 sites & >2000 km of radar data!! Follow their blog!

6/19/17: Erich, Kevin, Pat and Ursula are home after a succesful 2 weeks in Denali servicing our alpine weather stations.

5/1/17: The GreenTrACS team has made it to Summit - Follow their blog!

4/28/17: Huanping's paper showing a 53% jump in Northeastern USA extreme storms since 1996 is now online here.

4/21/17: Check out the NHPR story about Erich participating in the NH March for Science

4/18/17: GreenTrACS 2017 has launched! Gabe and Karina are heading to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland Today!

4/14/17: Huanping's paper showing a 53% jump in Northeastern US extreme storms since 1996 has been accepted in the Journal of Hydrometeorology!

4/7/17: Erich is excited to march and speak at the March for Science New Hampshire on April 22!

3/23/17: Check out Gabe's new paper on Greenland snow accumulation based on IceBridge data published today!

2/17/17: Erich is presenting "The Melting Greenland Ice Sheet and Sea Level Rise" at EEE Vermont in Burlington.

1/16/17: The South Pole Upstream field team is safely back to McMurdo Station after a successful season!