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Other instruments available in the E. M. Facility

Light microscopes

  • Olympus BX43 light microscope with a DP25 digital camera.
  • Zeiss SV8 stereomicroscope with Motic digital camera.
  • Olympus two-headed microscope for consultations.

Specimen preparation

  • Processing laboratory-- Room 240 Remsen (in the EM wing). A complete laboratory equipped for specimen preparation. Used primarily for biological specimens. Equipped with Tousimis critical point dryer, Mettler balances, centrifuges (general lab unit and Eppendorf), Hummer II sputter coater, embedding ovens, microfiche reader for reviewing negatives and other miscellaneous instruments.
  • Ultramicrotomes -- Leica UC6 and UC7Sorvall MT5000 and MT 6000 ultramicrotomes, and several Sorvall MT1 ultramicrotomes. 
  • Ion mill and Dimpler-- Gatan Model 600 Duomill turbomolecular-pumped dual station ion mill and VCR Group Dimpler. Both for preparation of materials samples for TEM.

Last Updated: 5/13/15