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FEI (Thermo Fisher Scientific) Scios2 LoVac dual beam FEG/FIB SEM.Scios2

Electron Optics

Scios 2 LoVac features a pre-aligned electron optical column, which is optimized for high resolution and for beam stability. The main elements of the electron optical system are:

Source:Field emission gun assembly with Schottky emitter source. The assembly is optimized for high brightness/high current, providing low-noise imaging. The pre-alignment of the FEG ensures no mechanical alignment is required. Easy gun installation and maintenance is provided with Auto bake-out and Auto Start capabilities.

  • Objective Lens:Dual Objective combining field-free magnetic and electrostatic lenses, with a 60 degree geometry
  • Voltage: 350 eV to 30 keV (20 eV landing energy possible with  Beam Deceleration)
  • Beam Current: 1pA to 400nA
  • Resolution: at Optimum working distance 
  •  -  0.8 nm at 30 kV (STEM) 
  • -  1.0 nm at 30 kV (Trinity) 
  •  -  1.6 nm at 1 kV (Trinity) at eucentric working distance, 2.5 nm at 1 kV (Trinity)
  •  Ion optics:
  • Field emission focused ion beam optics with liquid Gallium ion emitter.
  •  -  Voltage: 500 V to 30 kV
  •  -  Beam current: 1.5 pA - 65 nA in 15 steps
  •  -  Resolution: 3.0 nm 
  •  EDAX SDD X-ray detector and EBSP camera.
  • Gatan cold stage
  • Low vacuum mode to 500Pa

NPGS electron-beam lithography system with high speed beam blanker.

Details of an older system we built are given on the EBSP page.


Horiba labRAM HR Evolution Raman spectrometer/AIST-NT AFM with TERS

labRAM HR Evolution and AIST-NT AFM

  • Lasers: 532nm, 633nm, 785nm, 1064nm. Automated selection of laser and filters
  • Spectral mapping with stage control, DuoScan, or combination
  • 300g/mm and 1800g/mm gratings
  • Air cooled open electrode 1024 x 256 pixel CCD detector
  • LN2 cooled linear InGaAs array detector, 512 pixels
  • Lead Selenide single channel detector
  • Heating-cooling stage, -196C to 600C, integrated software control


  • AIST SPM with top and side view optics
  • 1300nm IR laser
  • Fully automated laser and photodiode alignment
  • XYZ closed loop scanner with scanning range of 100 x 100 x 15 microns
  • AFM modes: contact, semi-contact, non-contact, LFM, PFM, phase contrast, MFM, single-pass MFM, EFM, single-pass EFM, SKM, SCM
  • optical coupling to labRAM, fully automated
  • TERS mapping


JEOL JEM 1010 transmission electron microscope.JEM-1010 TEM

  • 40 KV to 100KV TEM
  • Side entry goniometer stage, two specimens
  • Tilt to +/- 60º
  • High contrast objective (FL=5mm)
  • Point resolution = 0.45nm, Lattice resolution = 0.2nm
  • Bright and dark field imaging
  • Selected area and microbeam diffraction
  • AMT CCD camera - bottom mount 2048x2048
  • User notes for JEOL 1010





 Tescan Vega3 SEM (thermionic emitter scanning electron microscope).Tescan Vega3

  • Computer-Controlled Scanning Electron Microscope, high vacuum operation
  • Turbomolecular pump standard (oil-free magnetic high vacuum bearings)
  • TESCAN 4-lens Wide Field OpticsTM standard
  • Ultra-High-Resolution Digital Image Acquisition up to 16k x 16k pixels (16-bit Video)
  • Standard software modules: Measurement & Annotation, Image Processing, Live 3D Scanning & Stereo Imaging, Hardness, Multi-Image Calibrator, Object Area, Print Magnification, Switch-Off Timer, Tolerance, Positioner, Live Video
  • Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector with YAG scintillator
  • Integrated Picoammeter with continuous display of beam current
  • Integrated Infrared Chamber TV Camera
  • Research-grade, multi-ported specimen chamber, 230mm internal dia., 11+ ports
  • Fully motorized compucentric 5-axis stage (X=80mm, Y=60mm, Z=47mm, Rotation=360o, Bidirectional tilt = -80o to +80o)
  • Fully integrated mechanical suspension vibration isolation
  • EDAX SDD X-ray microanalysis system with Octane Pro 10 sq. mm detector and TEAM software.


FEI Company Tecnai F20ST FEG TEM (field emission gun transmission electron microscope).Tecnai F20ST TEM FEG

  • 80 KV to 200 KV TEM
  • Schottky Field emitter
  • High maximum beam current (> 100 nA)
  • High current in probe (0.5 nA or more in 1 nm probe)
  • Small energy spread (0.7 eV or less)
  • Point resolution = 0.24nm, Lattice resolution = 0.1nm
  • High resolution objective lens FL = 1.7mm
  • High tilt (40º) and large field of view
  • Fully computer-controlled, eucentric side-entry, high-stability CompuStage
  • Maximized tilts for any X, Y, Z, a, b combination
  • Low-background double-tilt holder
  • Heating-straining stage
  • Gatan OneView CMOS camera, 4,096 x 4,096 array, with drift correction.
  • Integrated EDAX Si(Li) 30mm2 Super Ultra Thin Window detector (136ev resolution).
  • User Notes for Tecnai F20



WITEC CRM200 CONFOCAL RAMAN MICROSCOPEWITec CRM200 Raman confocal microscope

  • high resolution 2D Raman Imaging at fixed wavenumbers ,
  • x-y, x-z, y-z scans (up 1024 x 1024 pixels)
  • acquisition of complete Raman spectra at every pixel (mapping)
  • acquisition of Raman spectra at selected areas
  • confocal microscopy in reflection
  • confocal fluorescence imaging
  • Scanning Unit piezo-driven scan platform, scan range 200 x 200 x 20 µm, with integrated capacitive sensors and closed-loop hardware linearization, linearity 0.03 %
  • Position Accuracy < 4 nm in x-y- and < 1 nm in z-direction
  • Sample Positioning x-y translation stage, with 20 x 20 mm travel, resolution < 1 µm
  • Optical Resolution diffraction limited, lateral typ. 200 nm @ 514nm excitation wavelength
  • Spectrograph f/4, 300 mm imaging spectrograph with 2 exit ports and 3 gratings (150, 600, 1800 lines/mm)
  • Detector Avalanche Photodiode Detector (APD) in single photon counting mode, darkcounts/s < 100, 70% QE @ 633 nm (typ.)
  • CCD-Camera thermoelectrically cooled CCD (Peltier cooler), 1340 x 100 pixel format, scientific grade CCD chip, 16bit camera controller, 100 kHz A/D Converter
  • User notes for WITec CRM200.


OPC-60 Osmium Plasma Coater.


Veeco/Digital Instruments SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPE.Veeco Dimension 3100 SPM

  • Nanoscope IV controller
  • MultiMode SPM, and a Dimension 3100 SPM.
  • Atomic Force Microscopy in both contact and tapping mode
  • Phase, Lateral Force, etc.
  • Magnetic Force Microscopy
  • Kelvin Force Microscopy (MM)
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (MM).
  • Accessories include a fluid cell for the Dimension 3100 and a heating system for the MultiMode.
  • User Notes for Veeco SPM.


Hysitron Ubi-1 Scanning Quasi-static Nanoindenter

  • Quasi-static Testing- Measure Young's modulus, hardness, fracture toughness and other
  • ScanningWear- Observe and quantify wear volumes and wear rates using in-situ imaging capability.
  • Feedback Control- Operate in closed loop load or displacement control for testing techniques such as creep and stress relaxation.
  • Piezo Automation- Automated indentation using predetermined patterns or Click Mode allows faster data collection with less operator time.
  • Motorized Staging- Automated indentation across large areas on a single sample or between multiple samples increases efficiency and decreases user intervention.
  • Active Vibration Isolation- Piezoelectric driven active vibration dampening from 0.7 to 1000Hz for faster stabilization time and optimum results.
  • User Notes for Ubi-1.

OTHER INSTRUMENTS. The E.M. Lab has a variety of other instruments for light microscopy, image analysis and processing and specimen preparation. These are briefly described here.

Last Updated: 7/24/18