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Dartmouth Compliance Matrix

Complex organizations such as Dartmouth comply with a multitude of policies, laws, and regulations.  Risk and Internal Controls has developed a compliance matrix to guide the Dartmouth community in identifying key compliance areas, the Dartmouth staff responsible for various aspects of compliance oversight, and where to go to learn more about each compliance area.
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Laser Inspections and Consults

Laser Inspections

Laser inspections are conducted by the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the Dartmouth College Laser Safety Program.

During an inspection, the LSO will review the following:
  • Laser Safety Training for all laser operators
  • Equipment-Specific Training for all laser operators
  • Laser Awareness (via Laboratory Safety Training) for all lab members
  • Laser Safety Equipment - PPE, Curtains, Barriers, Signs, Postings, etc.
  • Laser Laboratory Setup - Interlocks, Device Setup, NHZ, Barriers, etc.
  • Laser Inventory - New, Transferred, or Disposed Devices
  • Laser Operating and Emergency Procedures
Inspection Frequency:
  • Labs using or housing Class IIIb lasers will be inspected annually
  • Labs using or housing Class IV lasers will be inspected every (6) months

Laser Consults

Laser consults may be scheduled by the PI at any time to help address laser related questions.

 Reasons to schedule a consult may include:
  • Review of Safety Equipment - PPE, Curtains, Barriers, Signs, Postings, etc.
  • Review of Laser Equipment
  • Review of Nominal Hazard Zones
  • Review of Protocols or Procedures
  • Desire to Acquire or Dispose of Laser Equipment

Please note: PIs are required to schedule a laser consult following the acquisition of a new laser device, the use of a device in a new lab space, or the use of a new laser protocol.

Last Updated: 3/7/16